Intense Beautiful Love Gift For Her

Intense Beautiful Love Gift For Her

This Perfect Set of Gift For Valentine is always manages to impress a woman, whose soul is driven by the feelings of love and passion. It has some sexy lingerie set,which will sure to impress her, and a beautiful sexy bra she will wear. Not only this, in this hamper sexy thong and panties set, that will give a feeling of thoughtfulness. Just make sure you add an intimate touch to your surprise gift by coating it with all of your love.

Sexy Pantyhose 

Panties and pantyhose are one of the best gifts  for any occasion. First off, a girl can never have too many panties! Panties are intimate, romantic, and playful. She will think of you each time she wears those           panties, and you will get a thrill out of seeing her in them. In the gift message, write: “ No matter what you wear, you always look fantastic to me.”

  • She will receive top quality panties
  • She will feel great in these fun, fabulous panties
  • She will know you think she’s beautiful.

Pack of 3 Beautiful  Colourful Panties

Here’s a pack of Cotton String Panties with charming assorted print and lies flat on your skin. These thin elastic waistband and leg openings are so comfortable & flexible. This thong can be worn under fitted skirts & pants or saree for a smooth finish. Moreover the cotton fabric of these thong is superb because it gives the soft and smoothness after wearing, this will help you to remove any itching problem and you work more efficiently at your home and office. You will feel very comfort for whole day long, or this will hide your visible panty lines.

  • 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Minimal rear coverage
  • String thongs
  • Cotton gusset for hygiene
  • Hide your visible panty lines
  • Comes in 3 convenient pack