SEXY Women's Soft lacy Briefs Pack for men

Tease your Senses, Push Boundaries and Blow Your Mind!

At Snazzyway, we love that feeling when you find a new sexy women's panty , give it a try, and wonder how you ever lived without it. Thats why we created SISSY BOX! by Snazzyway, a sensational box filled with cute panties, delivered right to your door.  

This box includes:

✔ Three High End Luxury Lace women's Panties
✔ A surprise sissy gift

Heres how it works:

Each month Snazzyway personal lingerie shopper curate a selection of new and bestselling women's lingerie products were most excited about, from Bra to underwear to pantyhose to nightwear. Then, using the answers in your Snazzyway! PROFILE, we determine which version is best for you. Next stop: your place, where you can experiment, play, and find your personal favorites—. See past boxes.
Ideal for:
✔ Any men who loves  o wear women's panty & Lingerie, top brands, discovering new products, or stepping up their sissy game!
Sissy Box ! by Snazzyway FAQs
Q: Do I pick the panties I receive?
    • A: The Snazzyway personal shopper curate a selection of prestige products, so you dont have to choose anything! We choose the products  based on the answers you provide in your Personal shopper! PROFILE.
    • .
Brief Size
Panty Colour
Yellow & Black