Snazzy Honeymoon Personalized Panties Pack

Customize this pair of sexy and cute 'Property of' underwear to surprise your love! Put her name on these undies so she feel all the love in the air
3 Sexy Luxurious Personalized Panties ( Retail Value Over Rs 1199/-)
This box offers 3 extreme sexy personalized panties, which gives you incredible comfort for all day wear. The design of panties provides a smooth silhouette that doesn’t poke through your shirt. These imported panties are breathable for moisture control. It comes in multiple colors so you can choose according to your personal taste or to best coordinate with your outfit of choice.  
Why choose Honeymoon Personalized Panties Pack ?
  •  Breathable panties.
  • It won't irritates your skin due to its comfy fabric
  • You can surprise your partner in honeymoon after wearing these sexy panties
  • Don’t even tell him you bought lingerie just change into it and sprawl out on the bed, so his jaw drops when he walks in
  • You know what color you look best in, but you can never go wrong with black or red
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